Sunday, January 27, 2013

In the shop.... picture books about animals edition

In the shop....
Beeswax Catches a Thief - based on a congo folktale, written and illustrated by Ann Kirn (1968).
The Large and Growly Bear - written by Gertrude Crampton, illustrated by John P. Miller (1961). Previously seen in this post.
Brian Wildsmith's Wild Animals (1967). Previously seen in this post.
Timothy Turtle by Alice Vaught Davis, illustrated by Guy Brown Wiser (originally published in 1940, 1968 edition).
The Bremen Town Musicians from the collection of the Brothers Grimm, illustrated by Paul Galdone (1968).
Hic Away Henry by LaVada and Joan Weir, illustrated by Carol Rogers (1967).
The Mystery of Rackety's Way by Margaret Friskey, illustrated by Frances Eckart.