Tuesday, February 12, 2013

in the shop...... another animal edition

Below you'll find a slew of animal-themed books (well, "creature"-themed) that I've listed in the shop, but I also added a few copies that I've previously posted about.....
Plus - if you're a big Arnold Lobel fan, I added copies of Little Runner and Rex Fox and His Canoe.

FINALLY - a Virginia Lee Burton illustrated edition of The Emperor's New Clothes.
Dinosaurs: A Golden Exploring Earth Book by Alice Fitch Martin and Bertha Morris Parker, illustrated by Hamilton Greene, Robert Korta, Rudolph F. Zallinger and others (1973.
Aesop's Fables retold by Anne Terry White, illustrated by Helen Siegl (1964).
The Whales Go By by Fred Phleger, illustrated by Paul Galdone (1959).
Johnny Crow's Garden by L. Leslie Brooke (1965 edition).
All About Monkeys by Robert S. Lemmon, illustrated by Jean Zallinger (1958).
Nature Hikes - A Golden Exploring Earth Book by Clara Hussong, illustrated by Marjorie Hartwell, cover by Rod Ruth (1973).
 The Monkey in the Rocket by Jean Bethell, illustrated by Sergio Leone (1962).
The World of Ants: The various species--how they live, work, and communicate within their colonies by G. Collins Wheat, illustrated with photographs and drawings by Eric Mose (1959).
McBroom's Zoo by Sid Fleischman, illustrated by Kurt Werth (1972).