Sunday, February 3, 2013

In the shop.....

In the shop.... What's for Lunch, Charley by Margaret Hodges, illustrated by Aliki (1961).
Springboards to Science by Elizabeth Mechem Fuller Ph.D. and Mary Jackson Ellis (1959).
The Big Book of Tongue Twisters & Double Talk - collected and illustrated by Arnold Arnold (1964).
Working Together by Alta McIntire and Wilhelmina Hill (1964, sixth printing).
Just Around the Corner by Leland B. Jacobs, illustrated by John E. Johnson (1964).
Things to Make and Do by Esther M. Bjoland (1957).
Rain and Shine by Ardra Soule Wavle, illustrated by Ruth Steed (1947).
Music in Our Life by Irvin Cooper, Roy E. Freeburg, Warner Imig, Harriet Nordholm, Raymond Rhea, Emile H. Serposs and illustrated by Homer Hill (1959).